Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fresh Picked Leads?

Fresh Picked Leads is a lead generation company that provides Wisconsin real estate investors and business owners with new leads daily. Every Monday through Friday, we collect new leads, organize them in a mail-merge-friendly format, and make them available to you the same day. If you want fresh leads on a daily basis, look no further!

Why should I choose Fresh Picked Leads?

Our mission is to deliver the the freshest and highest quality leads as possible. To accomplish that mission, we focus on three areas:

We focus on collecting only leads that have motivation to use your services

We collect leads that are in distressed situations involving divorces, evictions, foreclosures, and probates. People facing these issues often need help solving their problems. Whether you buy houses, offer cleaning services, provide financial advice, or own a similar business, reaching people going through these problems can be a win-win.

We focus on compiling and distributing leads daily

Every Monday through Friday, we are sourcing new leads and making them available for you to access the same day. This way, you have a continuous stream of fresh leads to market to throughout the week.

We focus on minimizing the time gap between when a lead's motivation strikes and when you receive their information

When offering your services to someone, you want to reach them during their time of need – not before or after. The majority of our leads are collected and made available to you the same day they were filed, so you can get your marketing out sooner. In fact, we've heard from our customers that their leads will sometimes receive their letters before they're aware a case has been filed against them!

Are there any contracts or obligations to your subscription service?

Absolutely not! You are welcome to cancel or modify your subscription at any time. subscriptions are billed a month in advance, so if you decide to cancel, you will still have access to daily leads until the end of your billing cycle.

What services do you offer?

We currently offer Wisconsin motivated seller lists as a subscription service and/or the option to purchase one-time leads lists. By signing up for our subscription service, you'll receive motivated seller lists every weekday, Monday through Friday, containing leads that have been publicly available for less than one business day. Lists contain data based on the lead type(s) and county(s) you select. Click here to start designing your subscription.

Just getting your mail campaign started? Then purchasing a one-time leads order is a great way to get your marketing up and running quickly. If you wish to purchase a one-time leads order, click here to get started. Similar to subscriptions, you can the counties you're interested in, with the additional option to choose leads from the past 1, 2 or 3 months. Combining a starter list with a subscription ensures you're keeping pace with the big dogs.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Simply visit our shop and choose either a Daily Leads Monthly Subscription or a One-Time Leads Order. From there, choose your leads options and click Add to Cart. Once in the cart, review your order, and if satisfied, click the Proceed to Checkout button. On the checkout page, if you have not already created an account, you will need to enter your name, email address, and create a password. Lastly, enter your payment information, submit your order and you're done!

If you chose the Daily Leads Monthly Subscription service, you can access your leads by navigating to the Leads link that appears after you're subscribed. You can typically access leads the same day you subscribe, but can take up to one business day.

If you chose the One-Time Leads Order, you will be sent your leads via email in the next 1-2 business days.

How will I receive my leads?

If you signed up for Daily Leads Monthly Subscription service, you will access your leads through your account on Simply login to your account, select Leads in the navigation bar, and you'll be taken to a page where you can generate and download your leads lists. On this page, you can either enter a date range*, or use the defaulted today's date, before clicking the Fetch Leads button. Once clicked, you'll be provided with download links to open your lists as .csv files.

If you chose the One-time Leads Order, you will be sent your leads via email in the next 1-2 business days.

*Note, you can only select a date range that is later than or equal to the date you subscribed.

What information can I expect to receive?

The information we provide in our leads lists vary slightly depending on lead type. However, the information you can expect from all lead types is filing dates, filing counties, property addresses, mailing addresses, and first & last names of said addresses. We collect data from public sources and provide the data as-is, with the exception of some minor formatting.

How are lists formatted?

Lists are specifically formatted for mail merge and direct mail marketing campaigns. Each lead type will be a separate file but include all counties you selected for your subscription/order. We compile lists in CSV (comma separated values) format so you can open them in Excel, Google Sheets, or other similar spreadsheet application. We design lists so that each row would equal 1 mailing letter. While the data collected for each lead type is slightly different from one another, you can expect data such as date filed, county filed, property address, resident name(s), and other associated parties' names and addresses.

What should I do once I receive my leads?

The first thing you should do is review your leads to ensure you're contacting exactly whom you intend. We not only collect motivated sellers' data, but also other parties associated with them. Some customers prefer to market to all associated parties, while others may only market to the primary party.

Leads lists are specifically formatted so they can be used in conjunction with mail merge programs for auto-generating direct mail marketing letters. If you are creating and mailing letters yourself, you will want to use the fields in your leads list to construct your mail merge program. If you are outsourcing your letter fulfillment, the outsourcing company can provide you with their field requirements.

However, our lists can be used for other ways of contacting leads as well. You can use them for cross referencing other data sources, door-knocking, social media lookups, skip tracing, or other creative strategies. You decide what's best for your business!

How do I modify or cancel my subscription?

If you would like to add or remove counties from your subscription, please reach out to us here. This may be a self-service feature in the future, but meanwhile, we can handle any updates for you.

However, cancellations can be performed through your account. To cancel, login to your account and select the Subscriptions option under your Account. From here, click the View button associated with your active subscription to be given the option to cancel. Upon submitting your cancellation, your subscription will remain active until the end of your current billing cycle. You will have the option to remove the pending cancellation any time before your billing cycle ends. Once your billing cycle ends and your subscription is cancelled, you will no longer have the option to download leads.

Why do some rows in my list contain blank fields?

The leads we provide are compiled from public sources, and sometimes names and/or addresses from those sources are listed as blank. Instead of ignoring them altogether, we still collect and deliver them so you can make the choice to ignore the lead, place it in your database for future reference, or perform some additional research.

Why am I seeing leads with a past filing date?

The date range you enter while accessing your leads refers to our collection date. Because we collect and deliver leads between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM CT every weekday, there is a possibility that new leads become available the same day, shortly after our collection period.

To ensure you don't miss out, we collect those "after hours leads" the next business day so they appear in your next day's leads lists. This prevents you from having to constantly recheck previous day's collection dates.

We also find that public sources may not always post data the same day they're filed. We are always checking for backdated filings so you don't miss a lead!

After I clicked the Fetch Leads button, no leads were found.

Leads are collected and available to access every Monday through Friday, between 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CT. If you are attempting to download your leads on a weekend, be sure to adjust the date range to include weekdays. However, if you are finding zero results on a weekday, be sure you are accessing today's leads after our 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CST collection period.

In counties with smaller populations, certain lead types may not produce leads as frequently as counties with larger populations. That said, there may be days where no leads were available to collect. There is no guarantee of how many leads you will receive each day, so referring to the number of results found will confirm whether specific leads types were filed that day.

I still have questions or comments.

If you still have questions, or want to give us some feedback, we'd love to hear from you! You can drop us a line through our contact us form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Disclaimer: We provide leads directly from public records. We do not insure the accuracy of the information. We also cannot make a recommendation about how to handle the leads or accept responsibility for your actions. Many of our customers mail to these leads, but how you use the leads is solely up to your discretion. Please review our terms and conditions page by clicking here: Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy