Tools & Resources

We believe strongly in supporting Wisconsin businesses as well as providing our community with the best chance of real estate investing success. That is why we are compiling a list of Wisconsin-based tools and resources that can help you achieve your REI goals. Rest assured, we have vetted these resources ourselves to ensure we're recommending the highest quality companies. This list will continue to grow, so keep checking back to see what's new!

Rehab Estimator Pro

Imagine you are viewing a VIDEO walk thru a house that fits your purchase criteria, and are able to evaluate what needs to get done AND how much it will cost to repair. Before Rehab Estimator Pro Rehab Estimator you would have to go physically thru the house and then go back to the office, research materials, costs, figure in labor costs, and more, BEFORE you could calculate and arrive at an offer. Now you have a tool right in front of you, as you are reviewing the property. No more "Let me go back to you and figure this up." AND you will be able to show the seller why you came up with the offer(s) you did. And have the details to back it up.

Learn more by visiting the REP website or signup via the REP Signup page and get a discounted price of $29.95/month (normally $49/month)!

The Real Deal Investor Coaching

The Real Deal coaches strongly believe that by investing in your financial education – you can grow your business and achieve your ultimate goals of having more time and money. Those that are truly wealthy accumulate assets – things that produce income for them. But, in order to know how to do that, you first need to invest in yourself. Their coaching program will allow you to reach your ultimate potential so that you are investing strategically, using logic and systems, rather than emotion. The Real Deal is a 4-month program, led directly by the owners, with ongoing support. The Real Deal owners have done over 1,000 real-estate focused projects, and you can rest-assured that you will receive the best support and knowledge you could imagine.

Get started with The Real Deal Investor Coaching today!