Leads are priced by county

Whether you're subscribing to our Daily Leads Access or purchasing one-time lists, both are designed and priced by county. Each county you purchase or subscribe to includes all four base lead types: divorces, evictions, foreclosures and probates. Because we collect new filings of all four lead types daily, we cannot guarantee the number of leads each day. That said, each county is priced based on average historical lead volume. This way, you can rely on consistent pricing month-to-month or each time you order.

Subscription Service vs. One-time Orders

Depending on what best fits your marketing strategy, we offer divorce, eviction, foreclosure and probate leads through a monthly subscription service and one-time list orders. With our subscription service, you select the counties you want leads from, and you will begin having access to any of the four lead types we compile each day. This model gives you access to the freshest leads possible and a continual stream of new leads. Counties within our subscription service start at $25.00 each and increase based on historical lead volume. Check out our subscription service to see a complete list of counties and their prices.

Alternatively, single order lists are a great way to jumpstart your marketing by allowing you to purchase the past one to three months of leads compiled for any county. Since the past month is still considered extremely fresh, counties are priced at a premium, starting at $40.00 per county. However, adding a second or third month is a fixed price of an additional $40.00 per month, regardless of the number of counties, which can be a significant savings at the trade-off of being a little less fresh. If this option sounds right for you, take a look at our single orders page to see a complete list of counties and their prices.

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